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Album Art and Design
Front cover for the Album "Guided by Speciner" (August 12th, 2007)
Back cover  to "Guided by Speciner" by the Styrofoam Junkies (August 12th, 2007)
Front album cover I designed with Ty for "Distorted Love"
Logo Design
Logo I designed for Erik Nagel's "The Consumer" Social Media Account
My artwork was recently used by Team CF973 in the 8th annual Test Your Metal competition. The world's best functional fitness competition, held by CrossFit Advanced every July. Opposing teams were so mesmerized by my work that they forfeited.
Mural Painting
Mural I painted for the F.M. Kirby Children's Center in Madison, NJ.
A mural I painted for a family in their child's bedroom with a "jungle" theme.
Teaching and School Beautification
Photo Retouching
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